2007 Concerts

August 19, 2007

The RACH-C SUMMER CONCERT was held at Our Savior’s Atonement Church. To the right is the program enjoyed by those who attended the very exciting performance. A high point of the event was the reception held 2 blocks away at “Doňa Carmen’s Bakery Cafe” where the Russian and American singers and concert guests shared tables, compliments and songs, over wine and “pastelillos;” a fine combination of Russian and Latino cultural tastes.

October 7, 2007

The RACH-C FALL CONCERT brought “old” guests, familiar with our concerts, and new ones to Our Savior’s Atonement Church. All were enraptured by the splendid voices of Baritone Kreshnik Zhabjaku, and Soprano Anya Fidelia. The highpoint of the evening was their performance of original compositions by composer Margarita Zelenaia who also performed some of her creations on piano.