10th Anniversary RACH-C YOLKA

10th Anniversary RACH-C YOLKA

In Russia, the YOLKA (the Christmas tree) is associated with the New year, with Ded Moroz (a Russian Santa Claus) candies, gifts, songs, tales, and the joyful happiness that only children can fully feel. As adults, those happy memories inspire them to share the tradition with their own children and grandchildren no matter where they live, and the delightful cycle repeats, generation after generation.

In New York City, the annual RACH-C Yolka hosted with the Consulate General of Russia, was celebrated for the tenth year on Saturday December 19, 2015 at the Russian Consulate.

RACH-C president Olga Zatsepina greeted the guests and introduced Irina Zagornova, the celebrated singer/performer and director of the popular “Golden Rooster” group that provided a wonderful program of traditional songs, dances, clown acts, games and fairy tale performance.

Following tradition, children were encouraged to sing, dance, recite poetry etc. for which they were awarded special gifts along with enthusiastic applause. The talented performing clown (Simon Shargo) fascinated the children as he moved among them. During the performance of “TRICKS OF THE FOX” the children sprawled on the rug and interacted with the actors as if they were part of the play – – much fun!

Later, Ded Moroz and his magic granddaughter Snegurochka, chatted with the children who each received gifts and refreshments.

The best part were the ever present smiles and squeals of enjoyment throughout this very popular event.